Role: Concept Producing & Design.

Client: Hyper Island


HI Creative Task-MOVEMENT


In 2030 consumers will of possessing originality and uniqueness will have increased remarkably.

Fleas Association, enable designers and independent creators will be able to sell their objects without being a distributer.

My idea is to create a movement that will establish and provide the opportunity for any creator, professional or newcomer, to sell his or her product.

The idea is to create a platform for the creator to use as their personal pop up showroom.

The participants, attracted to the theme-based event through social media, show up at the announced area where they are able to observe the products and the offers available. Workshops and lectures connected to the theme, will be provided to improve the experience, knowledge and inspiration of the participants.

Using Fleas Association own app, the potential consumer easily can see the product in their own home already on spot.

Also the Intelligent truck concept open up for recycling. The costumer can easily, for cost and sustainability reasons, contribute to the production with components, from ex. old furniture, he already owns.

Fleas Association make creativity and life easier and bring people together.