Role: Research, Prototyping & Design

Client: Mia Interior designer



Business Strategy & Branding

A new brand platform that includes a brand identity and a play book that will explain how she should maneuver her brand in the network community in order to flourish.

We created a concept movie for our client that express her way of looking at the world. A first step in order to communicat her new brand



To her who sees beyond the white space. To him who doesn't believe in stereotypes.

This is to you. The visionary.

You who transform the space in which we exist.

Evolving visions to atmosphere.

You enable traveling without moving.

Filling a void and leaving a mark.

You who believe in leading the change.

I see you for who you truly are.

Calm or crazy. Blind or visionary.

Maker of the impossible.

This is to all of us who believes in spirits and spaces.

Playbook - a book that will explain not only the brand identity but will also give her the steps by step to create and effective impact on the interior design community and on her potential customers.

brand identity - color, font, voice, layout…..

Here we have fixed for our client everything she should need in order to maintain the same approach when she will release anything to the network.


short term strategy - tumbler, Pinterest…….

Here we have planned for our client an strategy for the first year ,where we call her to establish herself as a company that have a vision with a stable statement.


long term strategy - associations, conference, lecturers……’’

Here we have planned to our client the action she must take in next years to come in order for her to establish even greater recognition.

lets start with IAM.


The play book