OHAD Lustgarten





Industrial, Design, UI/UX

App Design & Storytelling

UI / UX Design & prototype

App Design & Storytelling

Business Strategy & Branding

Industrial Design thinking

UI/UX Strategy

HI Creative Task

Narrative X Project

UI/UX Game

Hacked Arduino


I'm a Designer

I am a qualified Industrial and Interactive Designer also a Hyper Island Alumni ,from Stockholm Sweden.


My expertise lies in the multidisciplinary skill set I have ,that integrates creative knowledge with technical expertise.


I master the best and most current design tools in the industry alongside having a strong understanding of and ability to perceive human nature and human behavior.


I am a freelancing entrepreneur that always look for new opportunities.


Working alone or in a Team at your agency and creating great things together for a happy client is my goal.


Digital Design


• Design strategy



• Trend and category mapping

• Styling

• Concept generating

• Design development



Computer Skills


• Photoshop,Illustrator,Muse

• SolidWorks

• 3d max

• Rhinoceros 3d

• Keyshot

• v-ray



 Industrial Design


• Prototype and modeling

• 3D animation and visualization

• Concepts development

• Ergonomic and usability

• Product design

• Prototypes 3D Printing

• CNC, laser and water cutting



A collaborative culture with lean UX

Opting for a lean approach which emphasized rapid sketching, prototyping, user feedback and design mock-ups.

Creating great ideas and a strong sense of ownership across different disciplines within the organization.


Building trust through transparency

Sharing our methods and thinking from the outset helps to build a strong client relationship. Creating opportunities for input at all stages of the project build trust and make a comfortable environment to share ideas—forming a partnership which will serve much value beyond this phase.


Starting on the same page

Meeting with key stakeholders helps us to understand their business challenges. Together we identify risks and aligned on expectations and construct a shared vision for the product. Following this, we craft an experience strategy outlining our phased approach and direction.


Customer Insights & Ideation

A wide and concrete research will uncover insights and translate concepts into features that address customer behaviors and motivations.


Experience Strategy & Vision

Creating frameworks and prototypes to share the vision, design principles and content strategy. Realizing ideas, gain alignment and drive decision making.


Planning & Scope Definition

Defining the product with my project manager partners. Evangelize customer goals and balance business goals. prioritize and negotiate features for launch and beyond.


Oversight & Coordination

I design across and collaborate with several platform designers and their PM partners to translate product features for each platform context.


Design Execution & Validation

Producing low and high fidelity screen renderings for review and approval by stakeholders. executing journeys, wireframes, prototypes and design specs.



I am great at engaging and motivate other project members so that they do a good job and delivers the right thing at the right time, at the right quality.